Allyn Gibson (tiggerallyn) wrote in merlin100,
Allyn Gibson

"The Solitary Wood" (Prompt 93: "Tree")

Title: The Solitary Wood
Author: Allyn Gibson (Website)
Word count: 100
Prompt: Tree
Pairings/characters: Merlin
Rating: G
Summary/Author's notes: There are other mythologies...

In the Old Forest, just beyond Camelot's walls, there stood a mighty tree, alone.

"Do not approach it," Gaius had long warned, and Merlin, assuming the tree was cursed with dark magic, stayed away until a hunt with Arthur and a spirited fox chase led him to the tree's clearing.

Merlin approached the tree with caution and curiosity. An ash, he decided. But how had it grown here, a hundred yards from any other foliage?

He sensed no curse, yet he felt something else.

Merlin pressed his hand to the bark, and an unfamiliar name echoed in his mind.

Tags: #93: tree
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