lilian_cho (lilian_cho) wrote in merlin100,

"Lust" (Lancelot/Gwen, PG-13)

Title: Lust
Characters: Lancelot/Gwen, Arthur
Rating: PG-13
Challenge(s): merlin100's beverages/drinks prompt & writing_game's momentum prompt.
Word count: 100

The first time it happened, they were young and carefree in love.

The second time--there should never have been a second time. No longer a maidservant, she was a queen in her own right.

Lancelot had won a decisive battle for Camelot, and in the flush of victory wine and mead had flowed freely. The king's eyes on him had held such a shine, which made him humbled and exultant in equal measures.

When he lifted his chalice up at his queen and looked for several heartbeats too long, he told himself the warmth in his blood was wine.
Tags: #12: beverages/drinks, arthur/gwen, gwen/lancelot, rating: pg-13
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